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글제목  Email to my former professor.
글쓴이  안지현 작성일  2015-07-14
처리상태  처리중

It has been a while since I talked with you via Email. I hope you are well. I have a couple of questions regarding a Phd course. I will be teaching English listening course to University students from this September as a part-time university instructor. I realised that I need a doctor degree in order to be a full-time university professor. I have heard that there is an online Phd course at Deakin. As you know, I completed a course work for Master of TESOL. I got my academic results- 5 Discitions and 1 High Distiction during the whole trimesters. In my case, how can I apply for online Phd course? As far as I know, I should complete research units in order to get into a Phd course. Is it possible to study research units in onlne? How long would it take to finish the Phd course in online, Would you please recommend a Phd course which is related to TESOL? I would really appreciate that you give me any answers or advice for me.
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